Gusto D' Amore
80 W. Live Oak St
Tarpon Springs, FL
Taste of Love
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From our Mediterranean roots in Italy and Albania, we immigrated here to  to the USA to pursue our passion for food. We love sharing the abundance of flavors and the atmosphere of family that has characterized the culture of the Mediterranean for centuries. 

Gusto D' Amore is our fifth restaurant and represents our dream to share our Taste of Love with a community that understands the importance of sharing a fine meal with friends and family.

A dedication to expertly blending the freshest ingredients together drives every dish we create from our authentic,  made from scratch dough for our generous pizzas to preparation of our filet dishes featuring unique combinations in rich sauces.

We strive for a comfortable environment featuring ample seating, a full bar and live entertainment on the weekend to bring you a culinary experience that will evoke images of an Italian grandmother's ample dining table with great food, company and conversation.  Just as we did in our homelands, we look forward toward sharing with our Greek neighbors & welcome guests.

Joe (Giuseppe) & Mira (Saimira)

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Please join us tonight, Friday, 10/2 for live entertainment with Greg Roche